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About Us

Horse Country Campground is an outdoor hospitality company that specializes in equestrian tourism including campgrounds and real estate development, horseback riding vacations and a range of related products, events, educational and vacation experiences. We are proudly Canadian with head office located in Canada’s capital of Ottawa, Ontario.

Our business was established in 2013 and our flagship destination, Horse Country Campground “Wilderness Tours”, is located in the beautiful Ottawa Valley. We are proud to be partnered with Canada’s premier outdoor adventure and white water rafting company, Wilderness Tours Resort.

Our objective long term is to build a network of horse-friendly campgrounds and horse-themed real estate developments and tourism attractions around the world. We believe in the passion and community of the equine lifestyle and promote this in all we do. From camping adventures to family-oriented events, educational programming and family fun camping vacation destinations, our company is dedicated to making horse recreation and education safe, fun and affordable for all.

We promote equestrian education through clinics and workshops, we promote best practices by partnering with horse clubs and associations, and we create lasting memories for families through our products and services. Horses are a gift for everyone to enjoy and cherish, and our company is focused on preserving and protecting horses, educating the public on all aspects of horsemanship, protecting and expanding accessible and safe trail systems for horseback riding.

Our Mission

Our mission is to value and promote the equine way of life that is woven into the fabric of our history, and to preserve and protect both private and publicly accessible lands for people and their horses to use in a sustainable and environmentally responsible manner.

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