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Build A Horse Country Campground

The Horse Country Campground brand is growing. Our long term goal is to establish a “network” of Horse Country Campgrounds in all regions. Adding a Horse Country Campground to your business is a way to attract new customers and diversify your revenue base.

There are typically three ways to become involved in a Horse Country Campground:

Landowner – If you are a landowner with a minimum of 50 usable acres in close proximity to a large horse-owning population, with easy access to a significant trail riding system, your property and location may be suited for a Horse Country Campground.

Investor – You may be an investor that just wants to own and participate in a Horse Country Campground development.

Existing Campground/Resort – You may already own a campground or resort and would simply like to convert a portion of your existing facilities to add horseback riding and horse camping operations to help grow your business.

Owner Horse Country Campground

Owner Horse Country Campground

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