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Wilderness Tours Resort Rafter's Restaurant World Famous Ottawa River

The Resort at Wilderness Tours

Our location on the Ottawa River says it all.  Horse Country Campground is at Canada’s #1 outdoor adventure resort, Wilderness Tours.

Wilderness Tours is home to Canada’s finest white-water rafting and outdoor adventures.

All Horse Country guests get to experience the resort with unlimited access to facilities including the beach, hot tub, swimming pool and recreation center.

Rafters Restaurant and Bar is a great place to relax and unwind at the end of a busy day of trail riding!

The food and service is legendary Ottawa Valley hospitality. You can even enjoy your meal while watching the bungee jumpers plunge into the Ottawa River!

Horse Country guests enjoy discounts on meals, whitewater rafting or kayaking trips so you can come for the horseback riding, but add in a full range of vacation and outdoor adventure activities for the whole family.

Perhaps most important of all, Wilderness Tours is committed to the preservation of the last wild section of the Ottawa River, the Rocher-Fendu.

To date almost 5,000 acres have been preserved as part of the WT LAND TRUST. We call it “Living with Champlain’s Ghost.” WTR continues to continually re-invest and build the WT LAND TRUST.

Horse Country is proud to call Wilderness Tours home and believes in preserving this last wild stretch of river for future generations to cherish, enjoy and visit!

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