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Walter Willett

Walter Willett President of Horse Country Campground

Walter Willett President of Horse Country Campground


What attracted me to becoming involved in Horse Country is a real connection to my own roots and heritage. Having been raised in a rural community in Eastern Quebec, growing up I was surrounded by farms, fairs and the rural lifestyle including horses. Horse Country as a business appealed to me on many levels, most importantly it offered the opportunity for my wife and our children to experience that rich lifestyle in a fun and rewarding manner. As the business continues to evolve and grow I have a finer appreciation each day for the gift that horses are and to work hard to share that gift with as many people as I can. As we like to say around the campfire, Horse Country is not just a campground, it is a way of life!

Brenda Willett

Brenda Willett Marketing and Social Media

Brenda Willett Marketing and Social Media

I have loved horses ever since I was a little girl and Horse Country Campground allows me the chance to learn more about them and to enjoy the amazing energy they give off just by standing next to them. I am also loving all the friendly new friends I am making at the campground. I am currently taking riding lessons and loving every second of it and can’t wait to join you all on the trails. I am known for having a giant smile and a warm cup of coffee in the morning and possibly, sneaking carrots to your horses, “wink” at the Campground!

Larry Davis

Larry Davis - Vice President of Horse Country Campground

Larry Davis – Vice President of Horse Country Campground

Howdy folks. I started this adventure four years ago, in the beginning it did not include a campground, but here we are. My wife and I have travel coast to coast with our horses, camped and rode in the Badlands of South Dakota, many trips to the High Country of Washington State and Up Country British Columbia. I was lucky to have participated in many years of cattle round-ups and branding’s, lots of fun and hard work. My wife and I look forward to being a part of the team that will put Horse Country Campground on the map as, “the place to go horse camping in the Ottawa Valley”.

Cyndi Morin

Cyndi Morin - Stables and Group Organizer

Cyndi Morin – Stables and Group Organizer

Having loved horses since my early adolescence but not having much of an opportunity to be around them let alone own one, I took the first opportunity I could to learn more and interact with them.  I studied Recreation and Leisure Services in college and when it came time for the job placements I chose to work at a trail riding ranch.  Loving every day, learning all about the animals and meeting some great folks, I ended up staying on with them eventually guiding overnight and multi-day trips.  As soon as I was able to, I bought my own horse, an Arab and rode him everywhere I could, for as long as I could, often with more than 5 dogs in tow.

I currently have 2 horses.  An Arab and a Bashkir Curly.   I own 4 different kinds of saddles and I use each one.  I love trails, endurance riding, Western riding, English riding, jumping, fox hunting.   I love working at liberty and teaching tricks.  Being with horses, doing all the neat things with them that they are capable of (or trying to 😉  and enjoying the company of like minded people is a highlight of my life. I’m also a mother of two children who each have their own ponies and time spent with them on horseback is so valuable.  Truly quality time.

Horse Country Campground offers families and friends a place to make some incredible memories, whether on horseback, around the campfire or enjoying the other activities they offer may be some of the fondest ever made.  I hope to inspire more people to try it see how fun it is.   And sometimes, it’s way more than just riding.

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