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How Well Do You Know Your Horse?
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How Well Do You Know Your Horse?

The single truth every experienced trail rider knows is that there is nothing more important than having a good horse, and being a good rider who understands and takes care of their horse.

If you’ve been on the trail for any length of time, you know that the best equipment on the planet is useless if you don’t really know your horse, and if you don’t always put your horse’s needs first, before your own.

Your horse always comes first. Your horse is dependent on you in many ways, but you are also dependent on your horse. You wouldn’t take your truck out on a long drive without making sure all the fluid levels were topped off, and neither should you take your horse out on the trail without being guaranteed, as much as possible, that your horse is fit for travel and that you truly know and understand your best friend on the trail.

Yes, super light saddles and all the latest gear are marvels to behold, but they don’t add up to a pile of wet coffee grounds if you don’t know your horse and have a deep understanding and compassion for horses. There is no substitute. None.

Those of you who have been riding on extended overnight trips probably know what’s to come, but even so, I sincerely hope there will be some bits of information that are new for you or that you might see in a different way.

Stay tuned for more articles on how to have a great ride every time with your horse and more!  We love hearing from you so if anyone has any suggestions to add to this topic, I sure would appreciate hearing from you!

Happy Trails!

Larry Davis



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