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What you should bring horseback riding overnight Part 1

Previously, we talked about what NOT to bring out on the trails with you.  Now lets talk about what you SHOULD bring. When you pack, take only the basic necessities. You can bring one cup, one plate, and one pot with a lid, and a spoon but no fork.  Leave behind every luxury item, and […]

Overnight horseback riding

What to pack for your equestrian journey

Don’t Bring The best way to travel on horseback is to pack as lightly as you can. Before your trip, gather the gear you think you’ll need, and then accept you probably only need half of it. Maybe less. A good rule of thumb is to look at all the gear, and make some decisions about […]

trail riding overnight

Overnight trip with your horse and a Cowbell!

In our last post we went over some tips and activities to train your horse before heading out on an overnight trip with your horse, well I have one more activity tip that I would like to share. The Cowbell! Another good tip is to get your horse used to a cowbell.  A cowbell is an […]

horseback riding overnight

Overnight trip with your horse part 2

Securing Your Horse Another important idea for training your horse when planning an overnight trip with your horse on the trail is staking him or her with a picket line. This experience is essential for all horses because there won’t always be a corral or an area where your horses can be high-lined. As always, […]

Life on the Ranch

Planning an overnight trip with your horse

The single truth every experienced trail rider knows is that there is nothing more important than having a good horse, and being a good rider who understands and takes care of their horse. If you’ve been on the trail for any length of time, you know that the best equipment on the planet is useless […]

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