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The 60-Second Horse Trailer Check
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The 60-Second Horse Trailer Check

A good traveler always checks their gear when they are on a trip. The following checklist will help you build a good habit, so at least once a day when you’re on the road, maybe after you stop for lunch, you should conduct “The 60-Second Trailer Check”.

1. Check the tires. Make sure they look like they’re properly inflated.

trailer2. Check all your lights: headlights, bright lights, brake lights, and turn signals.

3. Check the electric brakes. To do this, keep your foot off the accelerator and brake pedals and let your vehicle roll forward while you depress the lever on the electric brake box. There should be a slight tug as the trailer brakes try to stop the tow vehicle.

4. Check the hitch. Make sure the hitch is properly seated on the ball and that it’s locked into place, the chains hook securely to your tow vehicle, and your breakaway switch is attached. Remember to do this every time you leave your vehicle and trailer, even on short quick stops such as for gas or coffee.

5. Check to make sure the trailer’s windows and vents are adjusted properly for airflow and current weather. Your horse is locked up in there and needs to breathe well and have good airflow.

6. Check the trailer floor for absorbent materials; if it gets cold and your horse’s urine freezes, your horse could slip on the ice and get hurt.

7. Check that nothing in the trailer is going to roll around or get under your horse’s feet.

8. Check that the trailer’s ramp is latched and the back door is securely closed.

9. Check that your trailer’s tack room door is also locked up so nothing will hurt your horse or fly out the back and onto the highway.

10. Check your map and know when your next rest stop is going to be, and make sure you can drive the next stretch of road safely.

If you have a safety tip you would like to add, please feel free to add it below or reach out to me at Larry@horsecountrycampground.com with your questions or comments!

Happy Trails!

Larry Davis


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